Atex Enhances Polopoly CMS, OneView for Advertising, Editorial

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By: E&P Staff

Atex, Reading, England, announced its latest product releases, which it will show at next month’s Ifra Expo, in Hamburg, Germany.

The latest version of the Polopoly Web CMS platform features capabilities to improve editorial efficiency and multi-channel content delivery. Enhancements include: making WYSIWYG-style in-page editing, with changes updated immediately and distributed to multiple channels automatically; new user interface designed for speed and flexibility; creation of iPad and mobile applications.

Atex OneView, unveiled last fall, will showcase the new OneView Sales. A browser-based application for ad booking and customer account management, it is designed to give sales staff flexibility to help streamline advertising, from order entry, to scheduling, tracking, publishing, reporting and billing, enabling publishers to respond quickly to new opportunities and changing business models.

Deployable in either hosted (Atex Managed Services) or premised-based models, OneView Sales provides a browser-based ad system for managing order entry and placement for online and print ads, including inserts, as well as price quotes, rating, and real-time customer information. Web Services architecture makes OneView Sales completely configurable and extensible to create user-specific experiences, and it integrates with third-party CRM products.

Within the OneView framework, the Atex channel-neutral content management system is available in a browser-based, customizable environment that offers WYSIWYG Web page editing and previewing content for an unlimited number of publication channels.

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