Atex System Producing Colombia’s ‘ADN’

By: E&P Staff

ADN, the free daily owned and distributed in four cities by Colombian media company Casa Editorial El Tiempo (CEET), publisher of the country’s largest daily, is live with the content management system from Atex, Reading, England.

The Atex system allows CEET to integrate ADN into its advanced unified content model to plan, generate, and publish across media.

ADN pioneers what we call the H11 Full-Integration Project, which aims to consolidate our content publishing tools and advance the concept of content convergence,” CEET Chief Information Officer and Project Manager Guillermo Cuello said in a statement. The approach, he said, enables CEET to increase content value by making it available to more consumers on more devices.

Editorial System Engineer Oskar Cantor explained the change as one from a model oriented toward the product to a model oriented to the content – integrating thematic editors and products (see “Convergencia, Colombian-Style,” June E&P). “As an outcome,” he said, “we can produce ADN and the other magazines using the content we have in the Atex system.”

Before implementing the Atex CMS at ADN, CEET used two editorial systems to manage newspaper and magazine content, a configuration requiring the company to constantly modify and copy versions of articles to ensure sharing among its products. Under the new model, said Atex, CEET has a one interface that efficiently migrates content to or from ADN without extensive modification.

CEET Content Manger German Ricardo Sanches said the system not only satisfies “the principle problem of multimedia and multichannel convergence, but it also addresses the goals we’d like to reach in the future-such as the added integration between Internet and TV.”

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