‘Atlanta Journal’ To End Evening Publication


(AP) The Atlanta Journal will cease afternoon publication, combining with The Atlanta Constitution for morning editions starting on Nov. 5, Publisher Roger S. Kintzel announced Wednesday.

The publications, owned by Cox Enterprises Inc., have shared a news staff since 1982 and already publish combined editions as The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on weekends.

“The change to morning delivery is driven by two main developments: The steady decline of Journal readership throughout the nineties, more dramatic the last two years; and the high cost and difficulty in delivering a paper in the afternoon,” Kintzel said in a letter to readers.

No layoffs are expected.

The newspapers have a combined daily circulation of 418,944. In the six months ending in April, the Journal had an average circulation of 87,840.

Afternoon delivery will be phased out over a few months and subscribers to the Journal will be converted to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The two newspapers had separate editorial boards. The two boards will merge and the editorial opinion section will expand to three pages, Kintzel said.

Cynthia Tucker, editor of the Constitution‘s opinion pages will head of a new board. Jim Wooten, editor of the Journal opinion pages, will be associate editor.

The Atlanta Journal, with “Covers Dixie like the dew” as its slogan beneath the masthead, was founded in 1883, 15 years after the Constitution. Former Ohio Gov. James M. Cox purchased the Journal in 1939 and the Constitution in 1950.

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