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Print Columns Will Incorporate Internet In Sections

Newspaper readers can probably use some help sorting through all the
clutter on the Web.

At least that’s what the Atlanta Journal-Constitution hopes as it
launches four print ‘e-columns’ this week, running on Page Two of the
‘Business,’ ‘Living,’ ‘Metro’ and ‘Sports’ sections.

The Atlanta daily has one person at each section compiling the data for
the columns that will appear Monday through Friday. Robbyn Footlick,
e-content editor at the paper, came up with the idea to run daily columns
covering news on the Internet combined with a daily digest of useful
sites, online events, and scheduled chats for the day.

The e-column in the Living Section, ‘eLIVING,’ most recently carried news
of the Backstreet Boys and their online alter-egos as Cyber Crusaders.
eSPORTS carried scheduled times for online chats with the likes of Colorado
football coach Gary Barnett and CNN/SI anchor Vince Cellini.

‘The goal is to hopefully get everybody [on staff] contributing to the
feature,’ Footlick said.

Another objective is to get the newspaper staff to use the Internet more,
and Footlick says she’s in the midst of a public relations initiative to
introduce the feature to a newsroom of 550. As the staff uses the Internet
more frequently, Footlick sees the journalists as online filters and guides
for print readers.

The e-columns also appear online at The paper’s
Web site,, will eventually allow readers to sign up for e-mailed
versions of the columns.

An eARTS column is scheduled to appear over the weekend, while the food and
travel section are considering their own weekly e-columns.

In the works are daily e-mail columns like News@tlanta, Biz@tlanta and a
UGA/Georgia Tech sports report.


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