ATS, Creative Circle Collaborate on Web-first Editorial System

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By: E&P Staff

Advanced Technical Solutions in Acton, Mass., and Creative Circle, East Providence, R.I., have announced a Web-first newspaper editorial production system that handles all forms of media in one place.

The collaboration of ATS and Creative Circle dates from their work on the Chicago Tribune’s Triblocal Web and print platform in 2006.

Driven by a Web-based CMS that handles both staff and user content, the new system can efficiently produce niche products, zoned sections and full editions, according to ATS founder Ray Toothaker.

The system’s Web portion is based on Creative Circle’s flexible, news-oriented CMS, mediasiteQ, and its communityQ, which can facilitate all forms of user content, from blogs to video, and provide social networking tools and options.

?We don’t think newspaper sites should be like bank sites. They should not look the same every day,” Creative Circle CEO Bill Ostendorf said in a statement, adding that their sites need to change with the news. “If you’ve got a great story or photo, you’ve got to be able to blow that out and turn up the volume.”

Creative Circle also brings Web design based on the latest industry research. “Sites we build are tightly edited, flexible and have depth and color. They emphasize visuals and have a hierarchy for headlines. They are fast and easy to navigate.”

Meanwhile, ATS MediaDesk meets requirements for full-service multi-channel output to print, Web and mobile media, delivering variations of a story to each outlet in one editing and tracking platform.

“We’re not trying to fully automate editorial oversight in the workflow process, but we are trying to give editors a head start and make finding the right story for the layout as fast and easy as possible,” Toothaker said.

Maintaining that editorial production systems are “too complex” to run entirely via the Web in the software-as-a-service model, Toothaker said, “our system still relies on a hardware installation on site. But we’ve scaled it down to a minimum and we can remotely manage and maintain the system to minimize newspapers’ IT commitment.”

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