‘Bad Cartoonist’ Has Gone AWOL

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By: E&P Staff

Where have you gone, “Bad Cartoonist”?

A person who’s apparently a cartoonist launched a blog in February at BadCartoonist.com. At the site, the blogger snarkily slammed a number of editorial cartoonists for unoriginal ideas, misuse of color, poor drawings of Hillary Clinton and other women, and more. Included were some personal insults against cartoonists.

The blog caused quite a stir among cartoonists. Some agreed and some disagreed with the criticisms of their work, but many thought the blogger shouldn’t be doing the slamming anonymously.

Anyway, the blogger suddenly stopped posting nearly a month ago — on March 6. The last post has drawn 33 comments, with some wondering why the blog hasn’t been updated and others snarkily urging the editorial-cartoon critic to return. No response from the blogger.

A Feb. 28 E&P story about the blog can be seen here.

The last post and comments on the now-inactive blog can be seen here.

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