‘Baldo’ Comic Getting Renowned Guest Artist

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By: E&P Staff

A well-known Latino comic book illustrator will be the guest cartoonist on “Baldo” while the strip’s creators take a brief break.

Richard Dominguez will do a fantasy sequence that turns mild-mannered teen Baldo Bermudez into a crime-fighting superhero. The sequence is running Sept. 19-29, according to Universal Press Syndicate, which distributes “Baldo” to more than 200 newspapers.

Dominguez is the creator of El Gato Negro (The Black Cat), a comic book hero who’s a South Texas social worker by day. Baldo will fight crime alongside El Gato Negro — while driving a souped-up “Baldo-mobile” and wearing a costume.

The comic’s usual creators are Hector Cantu, an editor at Quick, The Dallas Morning News’ youth tabloid, who writes “Baldo”; and Carlos Castellanos, a West Palm Beach, Fla.-based illustrator who creates the strip’s art.

Cantu, who owns 3,000 comic books, called Dominguez “a trailblazer with Latino superheroes. His characters hit home with a lot of people.”

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