‘Baldo’ Readers Are Being Surveyed by the Comic’s Creators

By: Dave Astor

“Baldo” cartoonists Carlos Castellanos and Hector Cantu are polling their readers.

People visiting the “Baldo” blog today saw a survey asking them questions such as whether or not the comic’s characters should age in real time, who their favorite character is, whether a gag-a-day or story-line approach is preferred, how they rate the strip, whether they’re Latino, and whether they speak Spanish.

“It’s an effort to try and get a better understanding of who our readers are, what’s important to them, and what they like or dislike about the strip,” said Castellanos, when E&P asked why the survey is being done.

Will the survey responses possibly affect the content of the strip? Probably not. “Primarily, we create the kind of material that amuses us, that entertains us,” Castellanos observed. “This is just to get a better sense of how our readers feel about our work. Although, if we get a ton of people telling us the art sucks, I may have some extra work to do!”

Castellanos draws and Cantu writes “Baldo,” which runs in more than 200 newspapers via Universal Press Syndicate.

The artist added: “We’re always seeking a better understanding of how we’re perceived by our market and more specifically our active audience. We’re simply taking advantage of what the ‘net has to offer — communicating with readers directly.”

Poll results will be made public on the “Baldo” blog, which can be seen here. And Castellanos hinted that “there may be” some kind of reward for “a lucky survey participant.”

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