By: Joe Nicholson

Multimillion-Dollar ‘Image’ Campaign To Be Launched

Baxter Hyland Immuno will launch a year-long, multimillion-dollar recruitment ad campaign in newspapers beginning in January, E&P has learned.

Deerfield, Ill.-based Baxter will buy ROP ads, possibly as big as full pages, in seven markets, probably including Washington, D.C., and San Diego, industry sources said.

Baxter’s 2001 campaign, as well as several recruitment ads it has run this year, illustrate a new advertising trend: use of ROP image ads to recruit passive job seekers who are already employed, don’t look at help-wanted ads in the classified section, and must be convinced that a company like Baxter would be a better place to work.

Baxter’s campaign is being planned by Washington-based Earle Palmer Brown, which has placed occasional recruitment display ads for Baxter in the past, including a July 16 ad in The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Earle Palmer Brown has been working with New York-based Landon Media Group, which last year became the first newspaper rep firm to set up a unit to specialize in recruitment advertising.

Debbie Stremmel, vice president of Landon’s Recruitment Marketplace division, told E&P that she has been encouraging the upcoming Baxter campaign to expand from seven to 11 markets with concentrations of bio-tech workers.

While a small number of other advertisers have recently begun using recruitment image ROP ads in single markets, Stremmel said the Baxter campaign “is much bigger than other [recruitment image ROP] campaigns because it encompasses multiple markets.”

Erica Leighty, the agency’s vice president for media, told E&P that the work was under way on “the start of a new campaign.” Asked if the campaign would be multi media, Leighty added: “Right now, it’s just newspapers.”

Linda Jacobo, recruitment sales manager at San Diego’s Union-Tribune, said she hoped the newspaper would be part of Baxter’s 2001 campaign, but added, “As quickly as they choose a market, they can change their mind about a market.”

The Union-Tribune was one of a few newspapers that have established a rate for recruitment ROP, according to Stremmel. The Union-Tribune, which has a one-time national recruitment rate of $17.82 per line, charges $53,638 for a full-page, black-and-white recruitment ad and an additional $2,000 for color.

Recruitment advertising normally slows in November and December as companies exhaust their annual recruitment ad budget. Companies commonly don’t like to hire in December, and many employees refuse to take a new job until they have collected their fourth-quarter bonus.

With few unemployed prospects to target, the recruitment trend toward image ROP ads got under way with many companies expanding the size of their classified ads to provide additional information about their benefits and the qualities of their company.

The trend is likely to increase, said Jacobo, “as the markets get tighter and tighter, and the unemployment rate continues to drop.”

Joe Nicholson ( is an associate editor for E&P.

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