By: Ellen Liburt

Aim Is To Educate Advertisers

Newspaper consulting and research firm Belden Associates and
sibling company Audience Research & Development/Interactive have
devised a way for newspaper sales teams to sell their Web sites
the same way they sell display and classified ad linage: by
furnishing them with detailed demographic, behavioral, and
attitudinal information about their readers.

The Dallas-based Media Advisors International companies are
preparing to launch their first quarterly “Sales and Site
Survey,” which aims to arm newspapers with data composed of more
than 60 variables about who’s visiting their Web sites, why, and
what they’re buying – site- and page-specific information
that Belden Chairman and CEO S.W. “Sammy” Papert III believes
only his survey provides. By using it, he said, “Newspapers can
go to advertisers and give them real information about who’s
visiting the Web site.”

Designed with input from initial subscribers, it enables
newspapers to conduct online interviews with up to 2,000 Web site
visitors. Clients can sign up on a one-time, annual, semiannual,
or quarterly basis, with a fee of $5,000 (per quarter) for groups
with five or fewer sites, and $4,500 for those with more.

Visitors will be invited to participate in the survey through as
many as eight pop-up boxes displayed in different locations
within the Web site over a 10-day period.

Signed up for the survey so far are the Anchorage (Alaska)
Daily News, The Bakersfield Californian, The Daily
Oklahoman in Oklahoma City, The News & Observer in
Raleigh, N.C., and The Telegraph in Nashua, N.H. Papert
said another 30 to 40 papers have expressed serious interest.

His hope for the survey, Papert added, is that it be responsive
to what papers have requested: to better sell their sites by
advancing from selling them generically to specifically.

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