BEST OF THE WEB for Friday–More Cool Stuff from Newspaper Sites

By: Kathryn Blaze Carlson

Here are today’s holiday fireworks.

Washington Sketch: Economic Anxiety Disorder
The Wall Street Journal
By Akira Hakuta

The Wall Street Journal’s Dana Milbank delivers a priceless performance in his sketch of Assistant Treasury Secretary Philip Swagel’s briefing on the US economy. His Oscar-worthy delivery captures the essence of “economic anxiety disorder,” a condition which causes Philip Swagel/Dana Milbank to “oddly thank reporters for putting tape recorders on the lector,” exemplify “apologetic body language as if selling a bad product,” and inadvertently offers the following advice to Americans: “take two Valium and call us in the morning.” For some dry humor and a solid laugh, click here and select the video called “Washington Sketch: Economic Anxiety Disorder.”

Beauty and the Release
Los Angeles Times
Photo Gallery
By Carlos Chavez

The women featured here prove that Barbie Doll-like ladies aren’t the only demographic fit for a beauty pageant: these beauty queens are “halfway between prison and the daunting rest of their lives.” Browse through the photo gallery and check out the second annual Miss Independence Day Pageant at Walden House, a residential treatment center for recently released female prisoners.

A New York Slice of America: July 3, 128 Riders United
The New York Times
Online Feature
By The New York Times Staff

With the Fourth of July upon us, The New York Times sent out six reporters and four photographers to “capture the intricate human mosaic sharing one journey” on the Q train from Brooklyn’s DeKalb Avenue to Canal Street, the first stop in Manhattan. Check out the online feature, which includes an article, a handful of vignettes, a slideshow, and a graphic that offers a “snapshot” of the “tapestry of New York City.” Get the breakdown of the 99 people interviewed for this feature, and find out who was the oldest and youngest passenger, the newest addition to the city and the most seasoned veteran of the Big apple.

StribCam: Live Views of the 35W Bridge Construction
Minneapolis – St. Paul Star Tribune
Live Video Stream

Indeed it’s true that watching water boil brings time to a standstill — but how about literally watching a bridge go up? In this little diddy of an online feature, the Star Tribune offers viewers the opportunity to catch a second-by-second look at the progress of the construction of a local bridge. You even get to navigate the image and zoom in or out, and look left or right. Granted being privy to bridge construction probably won’t be the highlight of your day (though if it is, you have the option of saving a still-frame to your desk-top), but the Star-Tribune might be onto something with this interactive live Web cam approach — and it’s worth giving the paper a shout-out.

Panorama: Newseum
Las Vegas Sun
Panoramic View
Photo by Leila Navidi
View assembled by Zach Wise

Not able to make the trek to DC to check out the 250,000-square-foot Newseum? Get a panoramic view of the building as it “opens into the New York Times ? Ochs-Sulzberger Family Great Hall of News, a 90-foot tall atrium a Bell 206B JetRanger III news helicopter suspended from the atrium’s ceiling” care of the Las Vegas Sun. Navigate the graphic left and right, and be sure to look up and see the massive video screen showcasing past world events. The price-tag of the museum? A measly $450-million.

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