BEST OF THE WEB for Thursday: Cool Stuff from Newspaper Sites

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By: Kathryn Blaze Carlson

In our daily feature, here are some of the top, mainly visual feasts from the Web.

Pain in the Gas
Animated Editorial Cartoon (2006)
By Walt Handelsman

Stressed by the price of gas? Here’s a solution: laugh about it — may as well giggle whilst getting gouged. Check out Pulitzer Prize-winner Walt Handelsman’s 2006 animated editorial cartoon, aptly called “Pain in the Gas” (click here; scroll down, and then select the one on the left-hand side with that title). It’s as as relevant today as it was two years ago, if not more so. If you’re looking for a little laughter to ease that pain in your pocket, Handelsman’s animation, which satirizes cost-cutting coping mechanisms, is just the medicine.

Crude Awakening
The Washington Times
Animated Editorial Cartoon
By Alex Wilson

Now that you’ve jumped on the may-as-well-LOL-about-the-price-of-gas train, check out this animated editorial cartoon: it’ll not only turn your fill-‘er-up-induced frown upside down, but will teach you a little something along the way. Curious about the breakdown of the price of gas? Ever wanted to blame that pesky Esso tiger for your oil-related woes? If so, Wilson’s cartoon is for you.

The Battle Begins
The Wall Street Journal
Interactive Package
By Wall Street Journal Staff

Can’t keep track of matching your socks, let alone Obama and McCain’s positions on carbon emissions and foreclosure aid? Not to worry — The Wall Street Journal is here to hold your hand. Check out this interactive package on the battle for the prez position, and get acquainted with the candidates platforms via video, text, photo, and graphics.

Homicides in San Francisco: 2007/2008
San Francisco Chronicle
Interactive Google Map
By Marcus Chan, Benny Evangelista, Justin Beck, and the Metro Staff

In this interactive package on homicides in San Fran, the SF Chronicle proves Google Maps isn’t just for locating your resto of choice. The navigable map allows you to locate 2007 and 2008’s homicide sites and, by clicking on a marker, you can find out more about that particular victim. Hats off to the Chron’s Metro staff for assembling this one.

The Big Picture
The Boston Globe
Photo collection
By The Boston Globe Staff

Last but not least, get acquainted with headlines from the past two weeks in the Boston Globe’s online feature called The Big Picture. For folks who prefer the show-don’t-tell approach to the news, it doesn’t get much more visual than this. (Caution: a little reading is involved. Captions and short, newsy blurbs serve up the necessary details).

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