BEST OF THE WEB for Tuesday: Cool Stuff on Newspaper Sites

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By: Kathryn Blaze Carlson

Here are today’s picks with more from multimedia.

George Carlin Is Still a (!$%&*^#) Comic and Forget the Rapier, Give Carlin a Sledgehammer
San Diego Union-Tribune
Archived Newspaper Articles
By Robert J. Hawkins and Robert P. Laurence

Memory lane awaits as the San Diego Union-Tribune digs up two dusty articles, here, and
here , cleverly written about recently deceased legendary comic George Carlin. In the spirit of free speech, I?d also recommend checking out the YouTube video posted to Carlin?s obituary. Again, warning: at least seven bad words make an appearance.

Sharpstown High School Band Finds Its Rhythm
Houston Chronicle
By Meg Loucks

Black and white video, award-winning instrumental music, articulate teenagers, and artistic editing combine to bring to life the story of the Sharpstown High School Band. Check out this Web video featuring the co-ed clan of musically inclined high schoolers — the band was recently granted the Mr. Hollands Opus Award — and listen as teens describe how the band room has become their ?sanctuary.?

Near Eastside Redevelopment
Indianapolis Star
Interactive Package
By Michael Campbell and Sam Riche

Browse through a neighborhood and take a virtual 360-degree tour of specific sites in this interactive item by the Indianapolis Star. Props to the newspaper for combining a timeline, photos, navigable map, and video to breath life into an intricate redevelopment scheme. It?s not the content that makes this piece clickworthy, but rather its multimedia maneuverability. Other papers could take a cue.

LOL: A Problem with TV News
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Join the audience at the Uptown Comedy Corner and LOL (text-messsage jargon for “laugh out loud”) as comedian Special K vents his frustration that media stations ?over-exaggerate? news stories. Be patient: the first 40-odd seconds set up for the LOLing that takes place in the last half-minute of this five-star rated clip.

Underground Graffiti Gallery
Las Vegas Sun
Video/Virtual Tour
By Tiffany Brown

?Lit by a street grate almost a mile into a storm drain under the Las Vegas Strip? is a vivid art gallery donning a kaleidoscope of colors and a grab-bag of miscellaneous words (Caution: some words are Carlin-worthy). The canvas? Dark and damp tunnel walls. Navigate through thisvirtual tour using your mouse, and get a north-south-east-west-up-down view of the graffiti-clad tunnels. Indeed, the multimedia piece is a month old — but something this unique and adventurous deserves an honorable mention, regardless of its cyberspace birth date.


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