BEST OF THE WEB: Friday’s Feature Highlights from Newspaper Sites

By: Kathryn Blaze Carlson

Happy Friday! Each day E&P combs the Internet to bring you some of the best features that newspaper Web sites have to offer. Here are today’s picks.

You Write the Caption
The Charlotte (N.C.) Observer
Cartoon caption contest
By Kevin Siers

In the past, “Best of the Web” has brought you photo caption contests. Today we bring you The Charlotte Observer’s cartoon caption contest — the results of July 14’s competition, to be exact. It’s a caricature of a headless Jesse Jackson standing before a microphone and, while Laura Thompson won with her caption, “But I always talk UP to Black people,” it seems to me that Marion Bowers should’ve been the big winner with “For my next illusion I will make you think my opinion still matters.” Check out the rest of the runners-up, and maybe even proffer a pun for this week’s edition.

Hands Cartoon: McCain Gaffe Goes Too Far
Wisconsin State Journal
Editorial cartoon
By Phil Hands

There’s only so much forgiveness to go around and, after his recent sports-related snafu, McCain may be out of luck when it comes to winning back the hearts of those so deeply offended: Steelers and Packers fans. This clever editorial cartoon (click the image to enlarge) points to the now-famed football gaffe and reminds you of other McCain missteps. Check it out for good chuckle.

Cartoonists Agree: John McCain Old; Wife Fond of Pills; Constitution Very Flammable
New York Observer
Online Editorial

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about the New Yorker Obama cover controversy. While it’s a topic that was getting a bit a stale, props go out to the New York Observer for keeping it fresh. Here’s the lowdown brought to you by the Observer: Earlier this week, Vanity Fair’s “Power & Politics” blog posted a satire of the ? well, “satire.” According to the Observer, “In VF’s version, drawn by illustrator Tim Bower, John and Cindy McCain are portrayed as their own worst caricatures: The presumptive Republican nominee for president is seen hunched over a walker, while his wife is juggling various prescription pills. On the wall is a painting of George W. Bush; in the fireplace, the Constitution.” Check out the link here and view the VF satire — there’s even controversy around that “cover,” and the Observer has the details.

Obama Speech Draws Huge Crowd in Berlin
Los Angeles Times
Photo Gallery

When it comes to multimedia features, there’s nothing like a simple photo gallery that brings a story to life. With Obama halfway around the world in Berlin, the L.A. Times compiled a gallery that captures some impressive moments under the German sun. It’s Obama’s first big trip abroad since becoming a presidential hopeful, and a lot rides on his ability to show himself as a potential commander-in-chief.

Election 2008: Voter?s Guide
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Online Feature

Having trouble keeping up with all the Election 2008 mumbo jumbo? If you live in St. Louis, you happen to be in luck. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch compiled an online feature called “Election 2008: Voters Guide” outlining the miscellaneous info that a local resident would want, should, and need to know about the upcoming political competition. Viewers can check out the feature and save themselves the hard work of finding the answer on their own.

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