BEST OF THE WEB: Newspaper Sites’ Top Offerings

By: Kathryn Blaze Carlson

Each day E&P combs the Internet to bring you some of the best features that newspaper Web sites have to offer. Here are today’s picks.

Fred Daniels Graduates EHS
The Boston Globe
Photo Gallery
By Yoon S. Byun and Boston Globe staff

Looking for a Tuesday morning feel-good fix? This Boston Globe photo album featuring Fred Daniels, a twentysomething former inmate who beat the odds and graduated from English High School, offers just that. The gallery describes his past (ie: when he enrolled in the school he was on probation for assault and battery and had to wear a tracking device, he had also spent five years in and out of jail and in seven different high schools), and uses compelling photos to bring the viewer along for his much-anticipated graduation.

Caption Call
The Sun, Baltimore
Photo Caption Contest
Posted by Liz Hacken

Who can help but smile Sun?s Caption Call when the photo is of a perplexed-looking Dubya bumping fists with a mildly entertained child? Some of the most clever captions so far include: “Maybe if I pound fists with this boy I too will have a 12-year-old?s knowledge,” and “Rock again? Okay, one, two, three — shoot!” and finally “So you will do it? Be my new chief of staff?”

McCain, Obama Duel on Economic Fix-It Plans
The Miami Herald
Photo Gallery
Compiled by Miami Herald staff

This photo gallery captures a day on the campaign trail, with McCain touting his economic policies in Denver and Obama literally changing his course and making an unexpected stop in St. Louis. The photos offer some perspective into the composure of the men as they work to woo voters. Click
here and then select the “More Photos” link below the quirky photo of someone wiping lipstick off McCain’s face.

Restaurant Inspections
The Arizona Republic
Online Feature
By Arizona Republic staff

Some things are better left unsaid — unknown, even. For example, perhaps you just want to eat in peace, not knowing what a restaurant’s kitchen looks like behind that grungy swingy door. But for those in Arizona who really want to know how well their fave eateries scored on health inspections, The Arizona Republic offers an online feature and navigable map that serves that info to order.

Remember 1968 in Chicago?
The Chicago Tribune
Photo Gallery
By Chicago Tribune staff

With party conventions around the corner, the Chicago Tribune takes a look back at the Democatic National Convention of 1968. The first of the black-and-white collection shows a “furious Mayor Richard J. Daley” standing at a microphone “as shouts resound through the International Amphitheatre in Chicago. … The scene was also ground zero in a year of political and social upheaval.” Take a look through the photo gallery and watch as “five thousand hippies infiltrated Grant Park” and see the unrest as “protesters taunt National Guardsmen.”

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