BEST OF THE WEB: Thursday’s Highlights from Newspaper Sites

By: Kathryn Blaze Carlson

Today’s picks from around the Web, straight from newspaper Web sites.

Mapping the News
The Seattle Times
Online Feature
By Seattle Times staff

And yet another clever use of Google Maps: plotting the news. The Seattle Times now maps the news each day, dotting the screen with happenings from within the city and around the world. Click on a map marker — color-coordinated by News, Business, Sports, and Features — and read a blurb about out what happened at that location before deciding whether to check out the full story.

Compare Prices at Local Hospitals
The Sacramento Bee
Online Feature
By Sacramento Bee staff

You probably compare prices at the grocery store; why not extend that mentality to picking your hospital? The Sacramento Bee has compiled an online database to make shopping for a hospital — or at least comparing prices to see if you’re getting the long or short end of the stick — a more simple endeavor. Need a complex coronary bypass? Enter that procedure into the drop-down menu, select a county, and voila — a list of hospitals with their daily rates per stay and per day.

Secrets of an Offhand Decorator
The New York Times
Photo Gallery
By Phil Mansfield

Pamela Bell, one of the four original partners in the Kate Spade designer brand, probably doesn’t cry over spilled milk. The clue? She didn’t shed a tear when her daughter and her seventh grade class went to town with fabric markers on her muslin-covered antique-inspired handmade John Derian sofa. In fact, the whole thing was her idea. This New York Times photo gallery takes you into the home of a woman who once “felt the tug of obsessions.” Having at one time lived in a “trophy penthouse” in a “temple of architectural perfection,” this design maven decided perfection would not be the goal of her recent East Village apartment renovation. Check out this related article by Penelope Green and read how the apartment has doubled as an art project for her three children.

The Las Vegas Sun
Video Compilation
By Las Vegas Sun staff

What goes up, must come down. This Las Vegas Sun video compilation features historic casinos and the implosions that took them from iconic cash-grabber to a pile of rubble. Watch the Stardust and the New Frontier, to name two examples, crumble to the ground amidst a background of fire works and cheers from an implosion-hungry audience.

The Houston Chronicle
Online Feature, Space Section
By Houston Chronicle staff

High-fives to the Houston Chronicle for dedicating an entire online section to outer space. Whether or not you’re one for the latest NASA news, check out the star chart, sky-watch (what to keep an eye out for in the night sky), and a feature that lets you “spot the space station from earth.” Even the most terrestrial of earthlings will likely enjoy.

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