BEST OF THE WEB: Thursday’s Top Features from Newspaper Sites

By: Kathryn Blaze Carlson

Each day E&P combs the Internet to bring you some of the best features that newspaper Web sites have to offer. Here are Thursday’s picks.

Neighbors: The Grim Reaper and the Hot Dog Eater
The New York Times
Photographic Illustration
By Damon Winter

“New York is a city of endless juxtapositions. In its streets, buildings, parks and rivers, in its neighborhoods, boroughs and blocks, the city conducts an unflagging symphony of collisions,” says Damon Winter in the introduction to his New York Times photography series called “The Lens.” Winter’s work involves laying part of a photo atop another, basically assembling a visual jigsaw puzzle. Check out Winter’s recent “Lens”photo, which depicts an image of The Grim Reaper (who apparently haunts the entrance to Coney Island’s Spook-A-Rama ride) lurking in the shadows as a man shoves a hot dog in his mouth for Nathan’s Famous hot dog eating contest. Read how Winter creates these illusions by clicking here.

Getting it Clean: Recycling L.A. Wastewater
Daily News, Los Angeles
Interactive Feature
By Jon Gerung

Following L.A. Mayor Antonio Villairagosa’s announcement of his 20-year sustainability plan, L.A. is firmly aboard the green train. The city may “flush old fears of water reuse” and is considering a new water reclamation system that would purify sewage and wastewater. Check out this online piece for background on the fluid issue (which is garnering attention for political, economic, and environmental reasons), learn about the new approach, and take a look at a graphic depicting the purification process. Click here and then select the interactive section called “Clean Water.” FYI: Some of the other interactives are worth checking out as well — one E&P reader suggests taking a look at the Batman interactive and the summer film preview.

The Star Tribune, Minneapolis
Online Feature
By Star Tribune staff

From bridge safety ratings to school rankings and campaign donations, this Star Tribune feature serves as a grab-bag of miscellaneous info to satisfy inquisitive minds. The paper has done the leg work to collect data and create an online infoCenter — a handy collection of easily navigated public information. Want to know how much that house across the street sold for, or who makes the city’s list of highest-paid CEOs? Scroll through the list of topics for all the answers.

Hunter’s Big Picture — “Coming Attractions: Dark Knight vs. The Hulk”
The Washington Times
Online Comic Interactive

The Washington Times’ “Hunter’s Big Picture” delivers yet again with an interactive online comic featuring the blockbusters “Dark Knight” and “The Hulk.” Without giving too much away, be patient whilst clicking through the feature — the last slide is truly what makes the flip-through worthwhile.

The Oppenheimer Report: It’s Time for Americans to Master a Second Language
The Miami Herald
Online Discussion Forum
By Andres Oppenheimer

“Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s recent comment that Americans should get their children to study Spanish or another second language has drawn an avalanche of criticism from English-only advocates and cable television anti-immigration zealots. But Obama couldn’t have been more right,” argues Andres Oppenheimer in a Miami Herald feature called The Oppenheimer Report. In today’s edition, Oppenheimer argues that Americans need to catch up with the “rest of the industrialized world when it comes to mastering other languages.” Agree or disagree? Share your opinion here as the Report functions as a discussion forum for reflection on Oppenheimer’s posts. FYI: to join the discussion, scroll to the bottom of the report and follow the instructions.

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