BEST OF THE WEB: Today’s Hot Stuff from Newspaper Sites

By: Kathryn Carlson

Here is our daily review of some of the best or coolest stuff from newspapers Web sites….

Tips on How to Make it in Reality TV
The Wall Street Journal
Michelle Kung

So you want to become a reality TV star? Enter acting coach Robert Galinsky and his recently launched Manhattan-based New York Reality TV School. Apparently there’s more than just melodramatic behavior, obnoxious outbursts, and anger management issues that go into the high-drama reality shows that grace the boob tube these days. If you want to be the next Top Chef or Tila Tequila, you’re going to have to loosen up, get comfortable with the lights and mics, and learn to make the camera love you. Students at the Reality TV School want their 15 minutes of fame and, with the media and scouts taking an interest in the seminar program, they’re hoping to get just that. Check out this Wall Street Journal video for some lessons in reality.

New Barbie Doll Raises Eyebrows

The words “S&M” and “tramp” aren?t typical words used to describe America’s pint-sized blond beauty: Barbie. But with “Black Canary,” the newest addition to the comic book doll series, set to hit the shelves in September, it’s clear that Barbie isn’t all sugar — she’s a little bit spice, too. The Christian Voice is outraged about the fishnet-biker-jacket-leather-boot clad doll and released a statement saying, “Barbie has always been on the tarty side, but this is taking it too far?It’s filth.” Check out this video to find out what little girls and their moms have to say about Barbie’s new look, age-graded for those 14+. The bigger question is, what’s next for Ken?

Driver Registers “Comatose” During Breathalyzer
Miami Herald

He never should’ve had that last drink, and he certainly shouldn’t have gotten behind the wheel — not only was he drunk, he was on the verge of death. A man who rammed into a highway message board on Hwy 95 was breathalyzed by police, and registered a blood alcohol level of .491. Just to give you some perspective: that’s six times higher than the legal limit, higher than the level pegged to comatose, and a tenth of a point away from death. State officials said they can’t remember anyone blowing that high on a breathalyzer test. Check out the news video here.

Hurricane Dolly
The Austin American-Statestman
Photo Gallery

With Hurricane Dolly’s outer bands making land fall, local residents are doing everything from surfing eight-foot waves, gathering sandbags, buying “I survived Hurricane Dolly” t-shirts, heading out of town, and filling gas tanks just in case they need to make a quick getaway. Check out this Austin American-Statesman gallery for some impressive shots of beach scenes, communities working together to ward off the damage, and satellite images depicting the daunting arrival of Dolly.

Cartoons By Rick McKee
Augusta Chronicle
By Rick McKee

Nothing like a cartoon that pokes fun at the nuclear weapons issue. In this animation by Augusta Chronicle’s Rick McKee, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad states his position that the country is developing its nuclear program for energy purposes. Right. Flip through the rest of McKee’s gallery for cartoons commenting on Bear Sterns, the media’s love of Obama, and of course the New Yorker cartoon.

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