BEST OF THE WEB: Tuesday’s Highlights from Newspaper Web Sites

By: Kathryn Blaze Carlson

Check out Tuesday’s highlights from newspaper Web sites.

“Dark Knight Versus “The Hulk,” Part 2: The First Screening
Cartoon Animation
New Jersey Star-Ledger

Check out the animated sequel to “Dark Knight Versus The Hulk” of the Newark, N.J., Star-Ledger’s “Hunter’s Big Picture” series. In this edition, caricatured movie-goers settle into theatre seats for what they anticipate will be a pulse-pounding premiere of the Gotham City blockbuster. The sequel stars the same fierce (and not-so fierce) characters again played by none other than Obama, Hillary, and McCain. The movie-stealing line? When Hillary tugs on Obama’s cape and asks, “Is it my line yet?”

List of People Who Are Barely Human
The Springfield (Mo.) News-Leader
Online Forum

Everybody has their pet peeves, and now there’s a forum for you to share your top public annoyances. The Springfield News-Leader created an online discussion forum where readers can submit responses. Some submissions from the reader-compiled list: people who don’t put shopping carts back in the corral, people who stop on highway on-ramps, and young people who don’t give up the seat on the bus for those their senior.

Wii Bowling At Oak Crest
The Sun, Baltimore
Photo Gallery
By Algerina Perna

Granted, this gallery only has three photos, but it’s worth the quick click-through. The featured activity is Wii Bowling, and the participants ? well, you’ll just have to watch to find out.

Reader Cartoons
Houston Chronicle
Cartoon Gallery
Reader submissions

If you’re the cartooning type but haven’t broken into the business, this Houston Chronicle reader-submitted cartoon gallery is just what you need to get your satirical scribbles and wry renderings off the drawing board and into cyberspace. Not the drawing type? Then sift through the thumbnailed animations and check out cartoons like one of Obama swimming in a pool of cash with a caption at the top that reads “Vote for me, I’m the green candidate,” or the one of Jamie-Lynn Spears holding her baby who is saying, “Mom, I’m pregnant.”

Senator Barack Obama Visits Iraq
The New York Times
By Richard A. Oppel Jr., Eric Owles, and Vijai Singh

Moving from chuckle-worthy cartoons to Obama’s visit to Iraq, this New York Times video is an impressive medley of photos, video, sound bites, and narration that sums up the presidential-hopeful’s visit with American and Iraqi officials in Iraq. The Illinois senator discusses Iraqi sovereignty and the withdrawal of American troops. Find out what he had to say during this potentially pinnacle campaign trip by clicking here.

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