BEST OF WEB for Wednesday: More Cool Stuff from Newspaper Sites

By: Kathryn Blaze Carlson

Here are today’s pre-holiday picks, as always with the visual element in mind.

Toles vs. Toles
Washington Post
Editorial Cartoon
By Tom Toles

In the battle of editorial cartoonist Tom Toles versus editorial cartoonist Tom Toles, who should emerge the victor? I’d put my money on Tom Toles. But which Tom Toles? The Tom Toles published in the Washington Post? Or the Tom Toles that never made it to press? Judge for yourself by clicking this link which shows Sunday’s published cartoon and the sketch that sat on the drawing board.

Murder Trail
Chicago Tribune
Photo Gallery
By Chicago Tribune Staff

On a heavier note, this Chicago Tribune photo gallery takes viewers out on the murder trail, and follows the hunt for a man sought in connection with eight slayings in Illinois and Missouri. Nicholas T. Sheley, 28, was arrested Tuesday night after a man sitting in a tavern recognized the fugitive. The gallery, which portrays the investigation, the victims, and crime scenes, features photos from various photographers and the Granite City Police.

The City Exposed: Cable Car Cass
San Francisco Chronicle
Multimedia Package
By Mike Kepka

Mike Kepka’s San Francisco Chronicle photo column
takes a look at the “people and places that make us love San Francisco.” The latest column takes a look at the iconic “wooden tanks” that roam the hilly city, and features Cassandra Furlough — a senior conductor among only three women to get behind the wheel of the city’s cable cars. Sift through photos, listen to a sound clip, and read about the woman who “makes sure you know you’ve gone wrong when you jump on the back of a moving car as if you’re in some sort of Hollywood movie.”

Flight Delay Calculator
Las Vegas Sun
Interactive Feature
By Las Vegas Sun Staff

Check out this interactive map and find out “how frequently individual direct flights were delayed by 15 minutes or more when traveling to and from McCarran International Airport (Las Vegas) in the last 12 months.” The feature ranks the airports from best to worst, includes the top ten most delayed flights, and generally makes you feel better knowing that you’re not nearly alone in your travel tragedies.

Gas Gouge-O-Meter
Interactive Feature
Copyright Chicago Tribune (By Keith Claxton)

It’s no secret that gas prices are gouging wallets galore, but this online feature will calculate just how much you spend on each commute or road trip. Enter the distance of the journey, the fuel cost where you fill up, and your car’s m.p.g. and, tada, there’s the total dinero you’ll cough up. Need a little help skimming the cost of the trip? The feature will also help you find cheap gas prices in your area and on your route.

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