Big Design Changes for Opening Pages of ‘NYT’

By: E&P Staff

The New York Times rolled out some significant design changes in the opening pages of the daily paper today.

The contents box on the front page now stretches across the bottom of the entire page, with sprightly graphics.

More significantly ? given the reduced page width and pressure on the news hole overall at most papers — the single page of index and corrections on page 2 now spreads over that page, page 3 and much of page 4, with longer summaries and more graphics.

The top of page 4 now has a large box, ?On NYTIMES.COM,? directing readers to Web features, and a ?question of the day.? Corrections now appear here ? now with small separate headings.

Finally, this is still followed by foreign news but now with a large heading at the top, ?International Report.?

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