Bill Moyers Remembers Molly Ivins – And More from ‘The Texas Observer’

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By: E&P Staff

Molly Ivins’ “home paper,” The Texas Observer, naturally has several special offerings on its Web site today marking the passing of the writer so closely associated with it.

Included are rip-roaring highlights from her life, a photo gallery, her own writings, a readers’ tribute forum, and testimonials from friends and colleagues. It’s slow loading today, suggesting very heavy traffic, but it’s at

Here is what her friend, and fellow Texan, Bill Moyers wrote.

What a foot-stompin? reunion there must be at this very moment in that great Purgatory of Journalists in the Sky. I can see them now?Ida Tarbell, Lincoln Steffens, Ray Stannard Baker, Upton Sinclair, Henry Demarest Lloyd, Ida B. Wells, David Graham Phillips, George Seldes, I. F. Stone, Walter Karp, Willie Morris?welcoming our darlin? to their bosoms.

Oh, my, how she comes trailing clouds of truth-telling glory! Look at her?big-hearted as ever, leaning over the balustrade and reaching down to the tormented of Hades, moistening Tom DeLay?s lips, patting down Bob Perry’s hair, erasing George W’s sandstone scribblings. In the celestial light she glows as irrepressibly and vividly as she did here on Earth, where she made the mighty humble, the wicked ashamed, and the good ol’ boys reach for the barrel to hide their forlorn nakedness. And, oh, the stories she must be telling as we speak.

At a PBS meeting a few years ago, she ended her talk with a joke that would have gotten anyone else arrested or excommunicated. But she was carried out on the crowd’s shoulders, as right now she is being ushered into the Council of Ink-Stained Immortals, where the only religion is truth. Save some room up there, Molly: You have inspired us earthbound wretches to keep trying to live up to your legacy in the hope of joining you there one day.

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