Bill O’Reilly Hits Back at ‘NYT’ in ‘Photoshop’ Dispute

By: E&P Staff

As we reported last week, the Fox News program “Fox and Friends” was caught photoshopping photos of New York Times reporter Jacques Steinberg and TV editor Steven Reddicliffe, flattening or enlarging their features and making other adjustments to make them appear extremely unappealing. Fox had some issues with their coverage of the network. The two reporters did not respond but Sam Sifton, New York Times culture editor, called it a “hit piece” and “disgusting,” but stopped there, explaining to our Joe Strupp, “It is fighting with a pig, everyone gets dirty and the pig likes it.”

Last night, Bill O’Reilly on his weeknight Fox program, hit back, with the following monologue:

“And now, for perhaps the most hypocritical situation we?ve ever seen. This man [rather nice photo appears behind him], New York Times reporter Jacques Steinberg, recently wrote an article claiming that our competitors were catching up to Fox News in the ratings. If you read the piece, you?d think that we?re in trouble. Now the truth is, that in the second quarter of the year, just ended, Fox News was the highest rated cable network in the country, CNN, 21st, MSNBC, 27th.

“So, Fox and Friends poked a little fun at Steinberg for misreporting the situation, as he does all the time, and they used an unflattering caricature of him.

“Well, some folks at the Times are outraged, as are the far-left loons over at Media Matters. Now, this is rich. Because, here are the caricatures the New York Times used of me when they slashed my book ‘Culture Warrior.’ Nice images, aren?t they? You notice the horn in there? Isn?t that nice? OK! So let me get this straight, New York Times people, we can?t mock you, but you can mock us. Am I getting this? If the Times editor Bill Keller would wise up, perhaps their business might improve.?

O’Reilly did not mention Reddicliffe at all. Also, while caricatures often accompany book reviews, they are plainly an artist’s opinion– but the average Fox and Friends viewer would have had no idea that the photos of Steinberg and Reddicliffe had been doctored.

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