Blogs Hacked at ‘Joplin Globe’

By: Joe Strupp

The Joplin (Mo.) Globe had some of its blogs hacked into by online vandals apparently opposed to U.S. and Israeli policy in Gaza, the paper reported.

“The blogs remained off-line Wednesday, but Dave Woods, the Globe?s new-media editor, said files were being restored, and that the blogs should be up and running on the Web site by the weekend,” a story said.

John Cruzan, the Globe?s new-media manager, said he noticed a problem on the Globe?s server about 2:30 p.m. Tuesday.

?We noticed some of the files on our server weren?t coming up right or were, you know, missing,? Cruzan said in a story. He found other files being loaded into directories.

?When I saw that, I threw the emergency kill switch on the server, which basically throws everybody off of it,? Cruzan said.

The paper reported that, “The files the hackers were trying to upload included a page with the words ‘Gaza will never die.’?

The words ?We are all Gaza? appeared in Arabic beside a depiction of a raised fist wrapped in barbed wire, the paper added.

“Also included was a photo of a group of people burning an American flag and another photo of a group of people burning an Israeli flag. Yet another photo showed someone throwing rocks at a tank, presumably an Israeli tank,” the paper reported.

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