Bob Woodward Predicts a Cheney vs. Hillary Race in 2008

By: E&P Staff

If Bob Woodward is right, it will be The Old Man and the She in the 2008 showdown for the White House. Speaking in Colorado last night, the Washington Post journalist predicted that Vice President Dick Cheney and former First Lady Hillary Clinton would face off in the next election for president.

Speaking as part of the Aspen Institute’s McCloskey Speaker Series, Woodward explained why it is “highly likely” President Bush might implore Cheney to seek the Oval Office.

“He would be 67 if he ran and was elected,” Woodward said, according to a Denver Post account. “Reagan was 69. Republicans always like the old warhorse?.both parties like to nominate vice presidents. … Cheney would do it, and I think it’s highly likely, so stay tuned.”

Otherwise, Woodward talked mostly about two elected presidents, Nixon and Bush. He called the Nixon tapes “the gift that just keeps on giving” and said history would judge Bush’s decision to go to war, and it’s still unclear what it will say.

He tried to shy away from recent Deep Throat revelations, but expressed his faith in the press. But he warned that reporters must resist the scoop-driven mentality and Web demands to get facts posted first, sometimes before they are confirmed.

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