“Borat” Sequel Will Feature Gay Austrian Journo

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By: E&P Staff

Sacha Baron Cohen has a thing about playing fake reporters/interviewers, starting with his most famous (until now) creation, ?Ali G.? Now a bidding war has apparently broken out for a film to follow his possibly hit movie to be released this week about Kazakh journalist ?Borat.?

This one may cause equal controversial, as it concerns stereotypically gay fashion reporter ?Bruno.?

According to trade reports, Universal and Twentieth Century Fox are already bidding for the Bruno film, with others ready to jump in if the ?Borat? movie proves popular, as expected. It would be produced some time next year.

In the next film, according to insiders, leather-clad fashionista Bruno (also played by Cohen, of course) will travel to the U.S. from his native Austria and attempt to draw reaction by attending macho American events such as gun shows. In the segments in which he appeared on the HBO ?Ali G? show, Bruno showed up on an American beach, an actual fashion show, and in an audience with a Southern preacher for a discussion on what was acceptable or ?nish-nish? homosexual behavior.

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