?Born Loser? Strip to Celebrate Milestone Anniversary

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By: E&P Staff

One of the most lovable losers on the comics pages will celebrate more than four decades of being ridiculed, scorned, and mocked when “The Born Loser” turns 45 years old on May 15.

Distributed by United Media, “The Born Loser” is one of the most enduring strips on the comics pages, enjoyed by readers of more than 1,300 newspapers around the world and on the Web at www.comics.com. It appears daily in more than 35 countries and is translated into nine languages.

A legacy strip, “Born Loser” is done by Chip Sansom, whose father, the late Art Sansom, created it in 1965. The Sansoms won the 1987 National Cartoonists Society Humor Comic Strip Award for their work, along with the Newspaper Comic Strip Award in 1990.

“I am very happy that The Born Loser is still as appealing to readers, new and old,as it was when it first appeared 45 years ago,” Sansom said in a statement. “It is a tribute to the great characters my dad created and his universal and timeless premise that Brutus Thornapple is an everyman, taking the fall for the rest of us in the trials and tribulations we face every day.”

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