Brazil’s Infoglobo Moving to CCI NewsGate

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By: E&P Staff

Brazilian media giant O Globo Organization’s Infoglobo has selected CCI NewsGate to simplify and optimize publishing workflows for all its print and digital media.

Including digital publishing technology from Escenic, NewsGate is a cross-media editorial collaboration platform designed to support the entire process, from idea and planning through writing, editing and publication, in paper or on screen.

“We are already creating multimedia content, but are using many different systems and having a complex workflow to follow,” Infoglobo Chief Information Officer Carlos safini said in a statement. “The combination of NewsGate and Escenic will simplify the daily operations in the newsrooms and improve our overall efficiency. Also, we believe that it will be much simpler to create a new distribution channel and/or product in the CCI environment.”

In selecting NewsGate, Safini cited CCI’s experience working with of similar size and market approach and an easy-to-learn and stable system with an intuitive user interface and easy-to-integrate editorial content management system.

Infoglobo also chose to include CCI business consulting services in the project, which began in March. Roll-out planned for October at the Rio de Janeiro operation.

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