Britain’s Times Releases Paywall Customer Figures

By: E&P Staff

Some 105,000 people have paid to read British newspapers The Times and The Sunday Times online after News International erected a paywall.

Roy Greenslade |

Times‘s paywall figures don’t add up to a new business model

Now we do have some fix on the result of the great Wapping paywall experiment. But the figures hide much more than they reveal. They are just not transparent enough to give us a clear picture.

For instance, the figure of 105,000 – to use a verb apt for the occasion — bundles “pure” online subscribers with people who have bought the iPad app.

All we know is that “around half” of the total are monthly subscribers. They will be composed of people taking advantage of News International’s 30-day £1 introductory offer to the website itself and people who have paid £9.99 for The Times‘s iPad app.

Similarly, that comment in News Int’s statement about “many” of “the early adopters” living in the UK does not give a geographical breakdown. How many of the total come from inside and outside Britain?

It is no surprise that they are “relatively affluent”, of course. That message is clearly aimed at advertisers. But ad agencies will surely want to know the British audience numbers.

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