British Paper Names Top 50 People Shaping Online Journalism

By: E&P Staff

The British publication Press Gazette has published a list of the top 50 people shaping online journalism, using readers’ nominations to come up with a group of people it calls the “New Establishment.”

Those picked include Gawker Media founder Nick Denton, News Corporation’s Rupert Murdoch, Craig’s List founder Craig Newmark, and Web content aggregator Matt Drudge. In an introduction to the list, the Gazette notes that not all of those picked were from major media companies; smaller bloggers and other independent publishers who are having a disproportionately large influence were also included.

The article says the rankings were determined by experts and media watchers from across the industry. “They represented the digital divisions of companies: national and regional newspapers, magazines, broadcasting corporations; one is editor at an online-only publisher,” said the article. “The judges were not told the identities of their colleagues on the panel, so they could vote for each other.”

A full list of those picked is included below. For more extensive descriptions of the 50, as well as their accomplishments, click here to access the original article.


1. Rupert Murdoch
2. Ashley Highfield
3. Craig Newmark
4. Simon Waldman
5. Pete Clifton
6. Carolyn McCall
7. Alan Rusbridger
8. Emily Bell
9. Annelies van den Belt
10. Murdoch MacLennan
11. Oh Yeonho
12. Tom Anderson
13. Steve Hermann
14. Nathan Stoll
15. James Montgomery
16. Zach Leonard
17. Les Hinton
18. Tony Watson
19. Anne Spackman
20. Edward Roussel
21. Rafat Ali
22. Tim O’Reilly
23. Jeff Jarvis
24. Andy Hart
25. Neil Budde
26. Matt Drudge
27. Peter Bale
28. Nick Denton
29. “Guido Fawkes”
30. Camilla Wright
31. Tim Faircliff
32. Lloyd Shepherd
33. Pete Picton
34. Iain Dale
35. James Murdoch
36. David Black
37. Michael Birch
38. Bill Murray
39. Dan Gillmor
40. Alan Revell
41. John Lettice and
42. Matt Loney
43. Stewart Kirkpatrick
44. Keith Perch
45. Tim Bowdler
46. Richard Withey
47. Ian Davies
48. Ben Perreau
49. Drew Cullen
50. Chris DeWolfe

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