Broder Slammed for Remark About Democrats’ View of the Military

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By: E&P Staff

David Broder’s comment about what Democrats allegedly think of the military drew an angry reaction.

“One of the losers in the [Democratic National Committee’s] weekend oratorical marathon was retired Gen. Wesley Clark, who repeatedly invoked the West Point motto of ‘Duty, Honor, Country,’ forgetting that few in this particular audience have much experience with, or sympathy for, the military,” Broder wrote in a column syndicated yesterday by the Washington Post Writers Group.

A writer for “The Carpetbagger Report” site responded: “I expect these kinds of dishonest smears from Limbaugh, Hannity, and O?Reilly, but Broder is supposed to be credible and serious. Why take such a gratuitous shot at the entire Democratic Party? Why intentionally perpetuate a right-wing lie? Why libel a political party with an observation that?s the opposite of the truth?”

The site noted that Clark’s remarks were received warmly by the audience, and added: “(H)ow long will Dems have to put up with such transparent nonsense about the party not supporting the troops? How many war heroes — Kerry, Murtha, Webb, Cleland, etc. — have to become Democratic champions before Broder and his brethren give up on such ugly lies? How many more veterans have to come home from Iraq and Afghanistan, and then join the ‘Fighting Dems,’ before this myth has been debunked to Broder?s satisfaction? … “

And the site also noted that the Republican Party includes many war supporters who avoided military service themselves.

Broder’s column can be seen here. “The Carpetbagger Report” response can be seen here.

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