Buchanan: Iran’s Leader Should Be ‘Time’ Person of Year

By: E&P Staff

Pat Buchanan thinks Time magazine’s person of the year should have been Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, not “You.”

In his latest column, Buchanan wrote that the person of the year should be “the figure who, for good or evil, dominates the news. Yet this year Time could not bring itself to name the obvious choice. Instead, it chose you and me, all of us citizens of the digital democracy who create on the World Wide Web. Why the copout?”

The Creators Syndicate writer offered some guesses: “Perhaps it was Ahmadinejad’s hosting of a conference of Holocaust skeptics, including David Duke, that caused Time to recoil. Perhaps it was fear that the face of the Iranian president on the cover of Time would repel the American people and be death for sales.”

Not choosing Ahmadinejad, Buchanan continued, “reveals an unwillingness to confront hard truths. For putting his face on Time’s cover would have done a useful service, jolting America to a painful realization. Not only George Bush, but the United States, its Arab allies and Israel, had a dreadful year, as Iran emerged as first beneficiary of a war fought by this country at a cost of 25,000 dead and wounded.”

The columnist added: “Eighteen months ago, Ahmadinejad was the unknown mayor of Tehran. Today, he is the visible face of anti-Americanism and anti-Zionism, both a cause of and the personification of our failures. …

“He inspires all who hate Israel and Bush’s America. And, according to the Zogby polling … that is a majority which, in some once-friendly nations, is approaching near unanimity. Ahmadinejad, a man of words without real power, is the big winner of 2006, because Bush, America and Israel were the big losers. Why do a billion Muslims prefer Ahmadinejad to America? That is the question that needs to be addressed.”

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