Buffett Says Newspapers Haven’t ‘Cracked Code’

When I talked to Warren Buffett three years ago, he confided that he had a forbidden passion.

“It’s almost unnatural how much I love newspapers,” he said.

And he was acting on that love. Four years after saying that he wouldn’t buy newspapers “at any price,” the financial guru had started snapping them up.

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One thought on “Buffett Says Newspapers Haven’t ‘Cracked Code’

  • May 26, 2016 at 9:17 am

    Maybe I’m a market of one, but I think myself and others like me are a missed income opportunity for on-line news.

    I am willing to pay to read digital formats but I am not willing to spend $120/month to read just articles of interest. I like NYT, Forbes, WSJ, many others. But they each want me to pay something like $10/month to read an occasional article. Of course, I won’t, I can’t, do it. I would pay, preferably $6/month, but maybe $10/month, to have a reasonable access to any paywalled news service. I think some sort of shared revenue/subscriber model amongst news providers would bring in income that is now lost. I have to go the free reader route now.

    I envision something like a Spotify for news media. Spotify did away with the enormous cost to buy a single song and basically distributes revenue amongst entertainment providers from a single subscriber who pay a simple monthly fee.

    I think this could work for on-line news too.


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