Bush’s War Stance Criticized on Sports Page

By: E & P Staff

George W. Bush may be the fittest American president in awhile, and he once co-owned a major league baseball team, but as public unease about his country’s Iraq adventure grows, is he even losing the sports pages?

Ian O’Connor, in his USA Today column today, blisters the president for his bicycle riding escapades, and other alleged missteps, while Americans are dying in Iraq in greater numbers. He recalls a better Bush moment at the 2001 World Series, after 9/11, contrasting it with the past weeks.

Then, turning to biking with Lance Armstrong over the weekend, he writes: “The president couldn’t have looked weaker, more distant, more out of touch with a nation tiring of a war its leader can’t adequately define….

“Bush is a man who cares about fitness ? this is good….
But nobody wants to hear about his impressive pulse rate and body-fat percentages when American boys and girls are dying overseas, and when lawmakers start throwing around the dreaded V-word ? Vietnam ? in the daily dialogue on Iraq.

“Back in 2001, weeks after the terrorist attacks, Bush struck a far more credible pose on Roger Clemens’ mound. Now that Yankee Stadium chant has faded. The president has lost his fastball.”

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