70% Of Consumers Still Look To Traditional Paper-Based Coupons For Savings

by: PR Newswire

Seventy percent of consumer packaged goods coupon users still use print-based coupons such as those in free standing inserts (FSI) typically found in Sunday papers to find savings (1) according to a study that will be presented by GfK Custom Research and News America Marketing at the Association of Coupon Professionals’ 10th annual Industry Coupon Conference on Thursday, April 16 in San Antonio.


The new study reveals surprising statistics about consumer coupon usage including that traditional FSI coupons are redeemed at a rate eight times that of digital coupons (2), and that among heavy CPG coupon users, those using paper coupons spend 8% more annually than their digital counterparts (3).


“While consumers continue to adopt digital savings tools, this study reaffirms the value of the traditional print FSI,” said Mark Peiser, VP, Marketing Research, News America Marketing. “When you look at the numbers, you can see that print coupon redemption rates still dominate consumer savings.”


So, too millennial coupon users are looking to the FSI – with 63% of this age group using traditional print coupons. (1)


The presentation is based on a series of studies conducted throughout 2014 and analyzed and compiled at the beginning of this year. It’s unique in that it focused only on Consumer Packaged Goods coupon users, not the larger universe of clothing, home store, or other types of retail shoppers.


“The data we collected shows that while digital coupons are an important saving tool, traditional paper coupons are still a predominant player in the world of savings,” said Neal Heffernan, SVP, Shopper & Retail Strategy, GfK Custom Research.


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2. Inmar, 2015

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