‘C.S. Monitor’ Responds to Web-only Rumors

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By: E&P Staff

On June 9, E&P ran a story about Boston Globe columnist Alex Beam and his suspicions that the Christian Science Monitor may be considering a Web-only model. (Link here.)

On Monday, the Monitor’s Editor, Richard Bergenheim, responded to Beam’s claim in a letter to E&P:

To Editor and Publisher:

I would like to correct the impression that some have drawn from my comments and others connected with the publication of The Christian Science Monitor. There are no current discussions about taking the Monitor to an all-digital format. It has been bluntly stated in public: There is no economic benefit to discontinuing the print edition of the Monitor. In fact, we would lose important revenue if we took such a step. We are certainly investing in our Web site and will continue to do so, but the two forms of publication will continue their partnership as far down the future as we can see.

Richard Bergenheim

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