Cagle Hits ‘Huff Post’ Over ‘Arrogant Crap’

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By: E&P Staff

The Huffington Post apparently drew the ire of cartoonist Daryl Cagle, who spouted off about a Huff Post listing of “Ten Features That Are Dying with your Newspaper.” Among them are, you guessed it, editorial cartoons. He called the piece by Jason Notte “ridiculous.”

“This is typical of the Huffington Post?s attitude about the ‘death of newspapers’ as they crow about how they are the next new big thing in journalism — although they operate on round after round of venture financing, without a sustainable business model, stocked with content from volunteers,” Cagle writes.

“Editorial cartoons have never been more popular,” he adds. “With the Web in addition to newspapers, political cartoonists now have the largest audience they have ever had. Political cartoons are featured on state mandated testing in high schools in every state and teachers teach to the tests, creating new fans of our art form every year. The work being done by editorial cartoonists now is better than ever before.”

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