California Self-Storage Lien Law Regresses to Suit Newspaper Publishers

By: Staff | Inside Self-Storage

To the disappointment of California self-storage operators and the satisfaction of the state’s newspaper publishers, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a revision to the self-storage lien law last week, reverting it to an older, less storage-friendly version.

Despite efforts by the national and California Self Storage Associations, state officials succumbed to pressure from the newspaper lobby, undoing the legislative changes achieved by the associations last year. Although Assembly Bill 655 still required self-storage operators to advertise their lien sales in a newspaper of general circulation, the law had been expanded to include any newspaper in the storage operator’s county as opposed to the smaller and less clearly defined “judicial district.” Senate Bill 279 reversed this modification.

According to the California Self Storage Association (CSSA), the law as it was passed last year made the lien-sale advertising market more competitive, and storage operators had begun to report significant cost savings. But the state’s newspapers, suffering from declining advertising revenue, were outraged.

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