Canada ‘Scrutinizing’ Reporter Who Exposed Airport Security Flaws

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By: E&P Staff

On the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, investigative journalist Fabrice de Pierrebourg from Le Journal de Montreal exposed serious security flaws at Montreal’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport.

Now, the reporter himself is “under scrutiny” from Transport Canada for his investigative techniques, the paper says.

In an article Tuesday by Sun Media reporter Jean-Philippe Pineault, the newspaper reported that a Transport Canada emergency preparedness investigator called to set up a meeting with de Pierrebourg — and to tell him the agency was also looking at him.

Transport Canada launched an investigation into security at the airport after Le Journal, and Sun Media newspapers across Canada, published de Pierrebourg’s articles documenting how easily security could be breached.

On at least seven occasions, the reporter wrote, he entered prohibited areas, wandering around cargo areas and touching food that was being readied for a flight in a preparation area without ever being questioned. He wrote that he was able to “easily” obtain a Canadian Air Transport Security Authority uniform, and a permanent pass to the airport.

Le Journal said if de Pierrebourg were charged and found guilty of violating security as part of the reporting, he could face a C$5,000 (US$4,455) fine for each infraction.

De Pierrebourg should not be under investigation, a member of parliament told the paper. “The fault does not reside with the journalist here,” Liberal MP Denis Coderre said. “He did not put anyone at risk — quite the contrary. It helped to denounce actual security breaches.”

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