Canadian Jews Outraged Over Newspaper Cartoon

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By: E&P Staff

A Jewish organization is upset over a cartoon that appeared in several French-language newspapers — but the artist behind it says the group is reading too much into it, the Toronto Sun reports.

The cartoon, which ran in the newspaper Le Droit in the Ottawa area, Montreal’s La Presse and online at on Monday, shows the front of the Parliament buildings, with a Star of David where the clock is supposed to appear.

B’nai Brith Canada believes the cartoon “plays into vicious and baseless age-old stereotypes of a Jewish conspiracy of control,” Me Moise Moghrabi, Quebec chair of the League for Human Rights, said in a statement. “This cartoon does not comment on any issue of significance, it simply serves to raise public resentment against the Jewish community. We find it regrettable and shameful that a respectable newspaper would promote such harmful canards. This cartoon is an attack on the Jewish community in Canada.”

Cartoonist Guy Badeaux, meanwhile, told the Sun he was simply drawing the design that on the face of the clock on the Peace Tower. “If you look at [the clock] closely … you can see a Star of David,” he told QMI Agency. “It is there, except that there are Roman numbers around it and 12 points. When I draw windows, I’m not gonna draw every tile. I had to draw the whole building, so I didn’t have time to draw all the roman numbers.

“I don’t target nations, I target politicians or individuals,” Badeaux added.

B’nai Brith Canada isn’t convinced. “We are appalled by La Presse’s repeated publication of such shameful cartoons,” their statement read. “We call on La Presse to remove the cartoon from its Website immediately, issue an apology for publishing such blatantly anti-Semitic propaganda, and to undertake to re-examine editorial policies that have allowed dissemination of such vile material.”

The “repeated publication” statement refers to a 2007 cartoon in La Presse in which Opposition leader Mario Dumont was depicted reaching out to the province’s Jewish community, which offended some readers who said the cartoon included inappropriate stereotypes of Jews.

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