‘Candorville’ Cartoonist Hoping for Return to ‘LA Times’

By: E&P Staff

The Los Angeles Times reinstated Lalo Alcaraz’s “La Cucaracha” comic last week. Darrin Bell is hoping the same thing will happen with his “Candorville” strip.

In a note posted yesterday at BradBlog.com, Bell said the topical and multicultural “Candorville” was also canceled a couple of months ago by another large Tribune Co. paper — the Chicago Tribune.

“‘Candorville’ has been a steady thorn in the side of Americans who’d rather believe what they’re told than what they see,” wrote Bell. “Without at least one of these two papers … the strip itself may not be long for this world. Papers operate on a herd mentality, and a couple large cancellations (even if both papers belong to the same conservative corporation) will surely prompt more.”

Bell, who asked readers to contact the Times, is an African-American cartoonist syndicated by the Washington Post Writers Group. He also collaborates with Theron Heir on the “Rudy Park” strip syndicated by United Media.

The reinstated “La Cucaracha” is distributed by Universal Press Syndicate.

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