‘Candorville’ Comic Satirizes the Pulling of Satirical Strips

By: E&P Staff

In yesterday’s “Candorville” comic, cartoonist Darrin Bell apparently made a veiled reference to The Washington Post dropping some of his strips earlier this month.

Those early-March strips dealt with a reported lapse in security for Barack Obama in Texas.

Yesterday’s “Candorville” showed the Lemont Brown character saying: “I wrote a series of posts satirizing how the Secret Service isn’t diligent enough in protecting presidential candidates, and the Chronicle wouldn’t run it!”

ComicsDC blogger Mike Rhode said of Bell: “Methinks he wrote chronicles that the Post wouldn’t run.”

This month was not the first time The Washington Post dropped “Candorville,” which has a liberal political slant. Being syndicated by the Washington Post Writers Group hasn’t made Bell’s comic immune from the temporary pullings.

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