Canto Releases Cumulus 7

By: E&P Staff

Canto, San Francisco, released Cumulus 7. Designed to integrate into creative workflows, the digital asset management system offers enhanced performance, permissions/security, Web-based DAM, automation and usability. New features, including a new interface, promote increased asset control, faster production, and more efficient collaboration.

The ability to identify and manage the relationships between assets is now available for all Cumulus solutions. Images referenced in QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign layouts and PDFs can be virtually linked to the assets that reference them. Cumulus 7 Enterprise can even catalog referenced files automatically when layout files are catalogued. The new interface allows a user to easily find Alternates or Variants, or trace assets’ other relationships.

Cumulus 7’s Shared Collections reduces search times and eliminates the risk that co-workers and clients will use wrong assets, because they immediately see only records related to their current projects.

Users can label and rate asset records with tags that make it easy to see which assets have been approved, rejected, or put on hold, and which are new.

Other enhancements include “Actions” to automate workflow steps, new image conversion and processing features, and printing improvements. PDF proof sheets can be created without Adobe Acrobat installed. Print Templates allow users to define output layouts to re-use and share with others.

Web Services integration enables Cumulus 7 to become a standards-compliant participant, with minimal development efforts, in complex, Web-based application infrastructures. Web collaboration has been optimized, with Cumulus 7 Web Clients working just like Native Client applications.

On the back-end, the Cumulus 7 database engine and server now have mirroring.

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