Carl Hiaasen Throws Some Miami Heat at Michael Brown

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By: E&P Staff

In the Miami Herald on Sunday, longtime columnist (and bestselling novelist) Carl Hiaasen asked if President George W. Bush could have possibly picked anyone less qualified than Michael D. Brown to run the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

His answer: “Sure, he could. Courtney Love or Mike Tyson would have been worse choices, although both of them have more disaster experience than Brown.”

Hiaasen continued: “Every president packs his administration with pals and party loyalists, but some are more careful than others about whom they pick for the really important jobs.”

Then he looked at the local angle in Miami: “Among the 164 disasters declared during his tenure, Brown cited last year’s four Florida hurricanes as experience builders. He didn’t mention the ensuing scandal — or offer a plausible explanation of why FEMA handed out more than $30 million in Miami-Dade County, which wasn’t hit by a single hurricane.”

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