Cartoon Bloggers Cover the Pulitzer Results

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By: E&P Staff

Several cartoon bloggers wrote today and yesterday about the winners and finalists in the Pulitzer Prize category of editorial cartooning.

The Pulitzer winner was Michael Ramirez of Investor’s Business Daily and Copley News Service, while the finalists were “Funky Winkerbean” cartoonist Tom Batiuk of King Features Syndicate and Clay Bennett — who was cited for his Christian Science Monitor work but is now with the Chattanooga (Tenn.) Times Free Press and Washington Post Writers Group (WPWG).

Batiuk is one of the few comic creators ever to be a finalist or winner in the editorial cartoon category. “For Better or For Worse” cartoonist Lynn Johnston of Universal Press Syndicate was a finalist in 1994, and Garry Trudeau (“Doonesbury”/Universal) and Berkeley Breathed (“Bloom County”/WPWG) won in 1975 and 1987, respectively.

Among the bloggers covering and analyzing the Pulitzer results were Alan Gardner of The Daily Cartoonist, Tom Spurgeon of The Comics Reporter, and Dirk Deppey of The Comics Journal’s “Journalista” blog.

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