Cartoon Characters Congregating for ‘Blondie’ Birthday Bash

By: E&P Staff

The comic-character crossover connected to the upcoming 75th anniversary of “Blondie” (E&P Online, July 8) is gaining momentum.

In Sunday and Monday’s “Blondie” strips, numerous characters from other comics are pictured. The scene was set Sunday when Blondie and Dagwood were shown expressing relief that their plans for the anniversary party were finalized. But their hopes for a relaxing couple of weeks appeared dashed as various cartoon people descended on their house. Shown in the final Sunday panel were Beetle Bailey, Hagar the Horrible, Garfield, Popeye, the king from “The Wizard of Id,” Grimmy the dog from “Mother Goose & Grimm,” Elly Patterson from “For Better or For Worse,” and others.

More characters show up in Monday’s “Blondie,” including — among others — Dilbert, Jeremy from “Zits,” Pasquale Gumbo from “Rose is Rose,” the title character in “Curtis,” Walt Wallet from “Gasoline Alley,” Satchel the dog from “Get Fuzzy,” and Earl the dog and Mooch the cat from “Mutts.”

Meanwhile, other comics are referring to the “Blondie” anniversary. For instance, today’s “Mutts” — by Patrick McDonnell of King Features Syndicate — shows Earl knocking over the postal carrier (as Dagwood frequently does) when an invitation to the “Blondie” birthday party is delivered. Yesterday’s “Wizard of Id” — by Johnny Hart and Brant Parker of Creators Syndicate — depicts the spoiled king making sure he’ll be treated royally at the party (“I shall require 12 private rooms for myself and my entourage”). And Saturday’s “Garfield” — by Jim Davis of Universal Press Syndicate — shows Dagwood personally delivering a party invitation to Jon. The invitation reads: “No gifts. Casual dress. Dialogue and lettering will be provided.”

“Blondie” — started by Chic Young on Sept. 8, 1930 — is now done by Dean Young and Denis Lebrun. It runs in more than 2,300 newspapers via King. The anniversary storyline began on July 10, and the actual party is slated to take place in the strip of Sunday, Sept. 4.

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