Cartoon Showing Petraeus as Bush’s Lapdog Stirs Reaction

By: E&P Staff

A Daryl Cagle cartoon showing Gen. David Petraeus as an obedient dog doing President Bush’s bidding angered some readers.

In the cartoon, Bush tells the canine general: “Speak.” So “Petraeus” says: “The surge is working.” Bush responds: “Good dog.”

Cagle — who does cartoons for, heads the Cagle Cartoons syndicate, and runs a huge editorial cartoon Web site — said on his blog that he found the response to his drawing “interesting, because a couple of weeks ago I drew a general standing in a field of dead Iraqi civilians, saying, ‘I’m pleased to report that we’ve seen a recent decrease in the fighting in Iraq’ — and this cartoon got no reader response. Drawing a general as a dog touches nerves [while] showing a general indifference to the death around him gets no reader reaction. Go figure.”

One reader e-mailed Cagle to say: “This cartoon is such an insult not only to General David Petraeus, but to our entire military. The general is not a lapdog of the president.”

Another e-mailer wrote: “Your hatred of Bush blinds you to the realities of the peril America faces from terrorists.”

But some readers supported Cagle’s cartoon. “The cartoon hit the nailon the head,” said one. “I voted for the Democrats to get something done, and all they have done is back down.”

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