Cartoonist Gets More Flak From Bush Fans

By: Dave Astor

Nick Anderson says his editorial cartoons critical of George W. Bush elicit angrier responses than his cartoons critical of Bill Clinton did when the Democrat was in office.

When Clinton supporters used to call, they were peeved but usually civil. But when Bush supporters call, they basically say, “How dare you?,” noted Anderson, who’s with The Courier-Journal in Louisville, Ky., and syndicated by the Washington Post Writers Group.

Why this difference? Anderson has a couple of what he emphasized are “theories,” not definitive answers. For one thing, he thinks Bush supporters know deep down that the President has some significant weaknesses, so they are sensitive to criticism of him. “And I think conservatives are much more sure of their convictions to the point where they are not particularly tolerant to other ideas,” Anderson told E&P Online. “This can be both a positive and a negative.”

Anderson did acknowledge that, because he (the cartoonist) is a liberal Democrat, Clinton supporters might have given him more slack when he criticized the former President — which he did plenty of even before the sex scandal broke.

Bush supporters are not only annoyed with Anderson’s criticism of the Republican, but don’t like the way he draws Bush with big ears and a clueless look. But Anderson recalled drawing Clinton with a “goofy look,” a big nose, and lots of extra pounds — with fewer complaints.

Anderson is the subject of a May 26 column by Courier-Journal Public Editor Pam Platt.

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