Cartoonist Launches Electronic Cartoon Syndicate

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March 28, 2011 (MMD Newswire) — Dan Rosandich is a fulltime cartoonist with extensive experience in the cartooning field, has assembled an online searchable database of cartoons which is categorized by subject matter to easily locate cartoons for reprinting in any professional projects. Of particular interest to newspaper editors is Dan’s selection of cartoons for newspapers where images are offered in packages or ala carte. Publishers can choose to run a weekly panel or one every day or twice a week. The sheer number of cartoons, along with the variety of topics that are made available, offer a greater variety of package options from which to choose.

Another interesting offer for webmasters and web designers is a daily auto-updating web cartoon that changes at 2AM NYC time, 24/7/365 and all cartoons scheduled are guaranteed 100% family-friendly. The image updates on it’s own, on Dan’s web server, so all web designers need to do is copy and paste a line of code into their HTML where the cartoon will appear. Content like cartoon humor is a guaranteed way to attract visitors and keep them returning each day for the newest cartoon. This feature appears on newspaper and news sites including general humor and community web sites, and many blogs. Also provided is a service for having custom cartoons and humorous illustrations created upon request. Rosandich has had cartoons published in Reader’s Digest, Saturday Evening Post, American Legion and Barron’s magazine including trade journals and newspapers of all types around the globe. He has also illustrated cartoons for New York Times Bestseller series Chicken Soup For The Soul, John Wiley Publishing, and Pearson Publishing. Cartoons can have a lasting impact and help to make a point, or leave an indelible impression. Cartoons from this database have been used by consultants in PowerPoint presentations, and other professional projects such as calendars, personalized greeting cards, print advertising and package design. Many other applications these images have appeared in, include corporate telepresence networks, wireless picture frames and countless reprints in educational texts books. Organizations have printed cartoons on t-shirts from this catalog to help promote a specific function. Rosandich describes his service as “A unique alternative resource for professionals seeking high quality cartoon art who can acquire it directly from the cartoonist and not from an agency or syndicate that wants them to sign a confusing contract”.


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