Cartoonist Wants Conservative Columnist to Run for President

By: E&P Staff

How’s this for a political development? A conservative cartoonist wants a conservative columnist to run for president, reported

In his “Mallard Fillmore” comic, Bruce Tinsley of King Features Syndicate has been pushing for Creators Syndicate writer Walter Williams to seek the 2008 Republican nomination. Tinsley has even published the columnist/economics professor’s e-mail address.

The result? Williams, 70, said he’s been “inundated” with hundreds of messages from “Mallard Fillmore” readers who want him to run. “I found it very funny, and I found it quite flattering as well,” added Williams, as quoted in a Washington Times article published today.

Tinsley, whose comic stars a duck, told the Times he’s supporting Williams because he’s “an actual conservative. … Philosophical conservatives are tired of ‘moderates,’ who try to be all things to all people and end up pandering to those who wouldn’t vote for them in a million years.”

Williams is not planning a White House attempt, but wouldn’t rule it out completely, according to the Times.

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